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 CASA BIANCHI - 30 June - 07 Juy 2007
"We decided to spend our summer holiday in Rome - for culture and history - and Terracina - what seemed to be the perfect mix of history and beach-type relaxation. Travelling with two small children, our demands for the perfect accommodation were high. While surfing the internet from home, looking for suitable flats, we soon got in contact with terracina eu staff The staff quickly understood our needs, and after a number of e-mails back and forth, we decided on a flat in the ancient part of town, Centro Storico.
Upon arrival, the staff waited for us, to show us our flat and give useful suggestions for sights to see, restaurants and shops to experience. Our flat by far exceeded our expectations, as did Terracina. Terracin eu staff was both professional and personal at the same time and after a couple of days - bumping into each other on the beach and in the Piazzas - we considered the Terracina Eu team our new-found friends.
We strongly recommend anyone to visit Terracina (the city truly has something for everyone) and can think of few better ways of doing so than with the help of this guys. We will be going back and we know who to call!"
Adam med familj

 CASA MARINA 07 -14 / Juy 2007
This years summer holiday has soon come you an end. But, we have had a fantastic vacation in Terracina, and I really want you to know that.
Thank you very much for all your help and advices. You are indeed very service minded and helpful! Thank you for giving me a fantastic hour at the "Beauty center," she was really good with her hands. I run a Hair and beauty salon here in Oslo, and this massage, did me and my shoulders very good!!
One of you asked us to send you pictures from our holiday in Terracina, and I want to do that, but then I would need help from my son, so I have to do it some other day I think.In the future I shore will recommend you, and Terracina to my friends and customers, it will be a pleasure for me!
So hopefully we will see you again soon!!
my regards


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