Terracina is surrounded by several interesting targets for excursions

A peaceful place close to Terracina.
A monastery from the 13th century. The church is not decorated, but very beautiful.
Thomas of Aquino died here in 1274. Here you will be able to taste the famous “mozzarella di bufala.

You will find this beautiful small village high up in the mountains on a hill. This is the place where people live longer.

Close to the border of Campania. The famous wine made of the Falerna grapes is produced at the well-known vineyard, Villa Matilde.

Situated high up on the mountain with a fantastic view over the Pontina plain. The town is famous in the world for the procession during Easter. In the spring, there is big festival related to the harvest of the artichokes. The bread from Sezze is also very wellknown.

This geological sight is located 8 km. from Terracina in the Ausoni Mountains. The valley is covered with vertical standing rocks. The most spectacular one is ”the Cathedral”, 15 m high. Beautiful nature with wine and olives.
GROTTE DI PASTENA: guided tours are available in the big and beautiful cave system.

A nice little town up in the mountains near Fondi. A centre for ecological agriculture. Nice view over the valley.

If you look from the east coast of Terracina towards the south you cannot miss Sperlonga, impalpable and snow–white, sitting on a promontory overlooking the sea.
The Romans were the first to discover this marvellous spot, attracted by its beauty and pleasant climate. Those who built splendid pompous villas was the famous Emperor Tiberius.
You must visit the Archaeological Museum in the impressive villa with its large cave, where you can see marble statues and mosaics honouring the exploits of Odysseus, an emblem of rare artistic expression.
A visit to the historic centre at the top of the town is obligatory, where you can wander through the side-streets , along the many stairways and past the characteristic shops where you can buy lovely souvenirs of your holiday by the sea.
Why not stop for a rest and eat a well-earned ice-cream at one of the famous coffee bar in the “piazzetta” and then continue wandering up and down through the alley ways to discover the wonderful views of the bay and immortalise them with a photograph.
The time has come to leave this enchanted rock, but not before deviating by car along the panoramic road towards Itri , entirely dug out from the rock with a sheer drop to the sea.
The explosion of colours, sounds and perfumes of nature will leave their imprint on your mind and heart forever as a reminder of these hours spent in Sperlonga.

Exclusive resort near the Circeo mountain 541 meters high. You can drive up to the top and see the marvellous view over the sea and the plain. In a cave, a skeleton of a neanderthalman was found. According to Homero, this is the place where Ulysse met Circe. In summer you can have fun in clubs or dancing on the beach.

A vacation resort already during the Roman period. Here is the tomb of Cicero. A good town for shopping.

Gaeta was an important Republic before the unification of Italy. We suggest to visit the historical centre with the castle up on the hill. Nowadays there is an American navy base. Before to leave this enchanting place, don’t forget a visit to “Montagna Spaccata” and “Grotta Del Turco”

An ancient Roman town in the south part of Lazio. Worth seeing is the Roman theatre with its museum.

Latina is the youngest town of Italy. It was founded by Mussolini under the name Littoria. A few km far there´s an interesting museum called ”Piana delle Orme” showing the history from the 20th century.

A huge area with an unique environment, 4 lakes and one island (Zannone). There are more than 800 different plants here. A lot of birds pass here on their way to and from Africa.

A town up in the mountains between Terracina and Formia on the Via Appia with a mediaeval castle. In the 19th century, there were several wellknown gangs (briganti) in the area. In the spring there´s a flowerfestival where people cover the streets with nice flower-arrangements.

A beautiful botanic garden, open only a couple of days every month. Very rare flowers and plants. Called ” Pompei of the mediaeval”, the town was abandoned after an epidemic of malaria in the 14th century.

It’s a magnificent monastery of Saint Benedectine high up on a mountain above the city of Cassino. A very beautiful view over the area. The monastery has been destroyed several times, but has always been rebuilt. The last time after the second world war when it was heavily bombed by the allies.

Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene and San Stefano. All are very popular for their lovely nature and crystal clear water. As beautiful as Capri, but you will not find so many tourists. Very good for scubadiving. Daily connection by boat from Terracina to Ponza, the biggest island.

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