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Everything you need to know about Terracina

There are often two different price lists. One for standing at the desk, one for being served at the table.

Along the long beach you´ll find both private and public beach-accomodations where you rent chairs and umbrellas. There are also free areas where you can bring your own umbrella and chair.

It’s a cheap ticket for travels in the region Lazio. It´s a personal one-day-ticket. The price is about € 15,00 and you can use it for trains, metro, trams and buses (except the ones to Fiumicino) for 24 hours.
If you´re going to Naples, you have to buy a different ticket. You will find it in news-stand or in coffee bar or in train and bus station

There are many in Terracina and all are placed on the main street of the city (“Viale Della Vittoria and Via Roma”).

In Terracina you will find three modern cinema. One is open only in Summer time because it lies outdoor.

Every Thursday morning (08.00-13.00) there´s a big market in Viale Europa. You can buy clothes, shoes, food, sunglasses, bags, almost everything there. Every day in the week, there´s an indoor fruit- and vegetable market at Via del Rio.

Place on the historical centre, several public museums have free entrance for younger and older visitor.

In Italian "Farmacia". There are a lot of them in every area of the city. Every day one is open 24 hours (week end included).

In Italy petrol is a little more expensive then in other European countries. "FAI DA TE" means that you have to do the filling yourself, "SERVITO" means that you´ll be helped.

There are two different kinds of stamps. "Prioritaria" is more expensive but faster; "Ordinaria" is cheaper, but slower.

Many things here are cheaper compared to the prices in Northern Europe. You can find very good prices for fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, especially during the Summer season.

Talk to us if you want to rent a car. We will find the car model perfect for you. Unfortunately in the city it’s not possible to rent a scooter.

Almost all the restaurants are closed one day in the week. During the high season is wise to make a reservation. You have only decide what to eat ……..fresh fish, pasta, pizza …

You have to dress properly when you are visiting a church. Women have to cover the shoulders and men are not allowed to wear shorts.

Generally, the shops are closed 13.00-16.30. During the low season, most of the supermarkets are closed on Thursday afternoon. Sunday morning all shops, supermarkets and store are open.

Many people prefers to buy it. "Frizzante" is with gas, "Naturale" without.

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