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This section is dedicated to all tourists looking for a holiday home in different places other than Terracina.
You can choose between cities of art, seaside towns or villas surrounded by beautiful nature.
Feel free to choose your dream vacation. In order to feel as if in your own home, book one of the following accommodations. You will discover new cultures as you let yourself become involved and facinated by our charming country.
We would like to give you complete satisfaction so trust in our experience and fill your holiday with unforgettable moments.

Apartments are set from North to South.

Calasetta (Sardegna)
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Calasetta is a little town of Sant'Antioco island, on south of Sardegna; its territory is the testimony of an ancient past.
The west side of the island is characterized by wide beaches and mistral and scirocco winds, recommended for wind surfing.
The mediterranean climate helps the agricultural production, specially the production of high quality wine.

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Riccione is the city of your holidays, specially suitable for those in search of fun thanks to its perfect machine organization and professionalism of operators.
Riccione has a long beach with bathing establishments fully equipped for your relaxation and your safety.
But Riccione is not only famous for fun, but also for its cultural events such as the International Exhibition of stamps, television journalist Ilaria Alpi Award and the biennial award Riccione Theatre season.

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Gaeta is historically important since Roman times both as a resort of the nobility as a port, fundamental trade empire, thanks to its geographical position.
More recently, during the “Regno Delle Due Sicilie”, he became a military stronghold and its territory was called "La Provincial Della Terra Del Lavoro".
Gaeta still has the charm of the seaside town with its narrow alleys and with its houses that overlook the bay.

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Monte San Biagio
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The first traces of the ancient castle date back to 1099. The castle was a strategic military position during the “Regno Delle Due Sicilie”, for those who left the Vatican State to go to Naples along the ancient Via Appia.
For this reason, the town, built at the border of two states, developed the phenomenon of banditry and smuggling between the years 1861 and 1870, until Italy was not unified.
Monte San Biagio has the typical characteristics of a small medieval town, built on top of a hill where it’s possible to admire the ancient church and the castle. From its viewing route you can see Pontine Island, Lake of Fondi and Tyrrhenian Sea.

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