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• Casa Tiziana 10-24 July 2009
Hello Monica Just want to thank you and the others at Twis, everything was great, and you are very professional. We had a fantastic holiday in Terracina. Casa Tiziana was a good apartment to stay in, and we felt very welcome. We will be back in Terracina, and then we want to contact you for a place to stay.
Have a good summer, All the best to you all
Eva and Gorm with kids

• Casa Margherita 15-22 July 2009
Hello Monica! I would like to say that we are now safe back in Norway and that we had a great time last week visiting Terracina. The apartment was great and we enjoyed our stay. As we wrote, it is a good idea to have bikes available, because it is quite a distance to walk from the appt. to town centre, or to the beach. Next time we will visit Italy this year, we will go to Sicily for a week. And next year…? Maybe Terracina again….? We are sure that we will come back and most probably, we will have an apartment through your office.
Have a good summer, All the best l

• B&B DeMarč
Hello Monica I just want to thank you for your arrangement at De Mare.
It was a wonderful place with a wonderful staff, they where all very helpfull. Please send them our regards. We would very much like to return there some time in the future. Is there anywhere we can leave comments, please let me know.
Best regards
Anders with family


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